5 Bakery Tools Your Kitchen Is Incomplete Without

Can’t decide what kind of mixing bowls, baking tins, and turntables to get? No problem, this guide is all the help you will ever need to kick-start your baking journey without spending lakhs on equipment immediately.

1. Mixing bowls

It is always handy to have an extra glass or plastic mixing bowl as it will help you prep multiple ingredients like your cream (with multiple colors), truffle, etc. at one go.

This glass bowl set by Signoraware includes 3 bowls of different sizes. These bowls can resist heat to up to 400-degrees Celsius and are BPA free which means it is 100% toxic free.

When not baking, the bowls can also be used to reheat food and put away into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

In case you prefer plastic bowls over glass bowls, this set of 4 bowls by All Time is just perfect for any kitchen.

2. Turntable Stand

If you are looking for a professional turntable stand for giving your cakes, pies, and muffins smooth and flawless icing, the Kurtzy icing table is hands down the best.

That is because it provides stability like none other thanks to its sturdy aluminum base, fiberglass top and anti-slip base at the bottom.

The rotation is very smooth and there is ample room to hold a cake of 3-4kgs without toppling over when spinning.

So do not hold yourself back. Let your creative juices flow and leave people gobsmacked with your finishing.

3. Pastry brushes

A pastry brush is more useful than you would think. Why?

Because it can be used for a number of things like glazing the puff pastries with egg wash, milk or even butter (so they come out golden brown) or simply to dust off any excess icing sugar on the muffins, doughnuts, etc.

The silicone brushes by Syga are FDA approved and thus 100% safe for use while baking and cooking even at a heat of about 480-degrees Celsius.

The silicone build means you can even dump them into the top drawer of your dishwasher for hassle-free washing.

The set includes two 8.1-inch long x 1.3-inch wide brushes so you can use one for baking and the other for basting fruits and veggies on the grill

4. Food colors

If you are using fondant it is almost impossible to have fondant of all colors but there is a simple solution to it, food colors.

Yup, just stock up on white fondant and use these 100% safe food colors to get the color of your choice.

The pack includes 20ml of Orange, Yellow, Keshar, Tomato Red, Raspberry Red, Blue, Green, Chocolate Brown, Kalakhatta & Pink (pretty much every color you will ever need).

The liquid colors mix up pretty well within seconds and do not impact taste either.

5. Sieve

Sifting icing sugar with flour or just flour are important steps in baking which you can only get right if you have a fine sieve.

Thankfully, that is precisely what you get with the Champak Stainless Steel Sieve. It comes with multiple sieves each finer than the other which also makes the sieve perfect for sifting atta, wheat, rice, etc.