8 Things you didn’t know about KitchenAid Stand Mixers

KitchenAid stand mixers are the most sought-after stand mixers due to their high-quality mixes and powerful performance. This stand mixer brand has been around for a while now and although most people know the various advantages and benefits of using a KitchenAid stand mixer, there are still a lot of facts about this beautiful masterpiece that most people aren’t aware of.

If you are one of those who own a KitchenAid stand mixer or is planning to buy one for yourself, then you would like to know these amazing facts about your favorite stand mixer:

They last longer

This one might not be surprising but KitchenAid stand mixers are built to last a long time. They are sturdy and durable due to their strong construction and can last for years to come.

Another reason for their sturdiness is that they are usually large in size and are heavyweight which helps in keeping them stable and lasts for a longer period of time.

Older attachments still work

If your family owns some older KitchenAid attachments like can openers, pea sheller, and so on then you would love to know that you can still use these attachments with your new KitchenAid mixers. Yes! You heard us right! You can now take out those ancient KitchenAid attachments and start using them again.

They perform better than most stand mixers

Another thing which you might not know is that these mixers work better not because of their design but because they employ a different mixing mechanism.

A KitchenAid mixer uses a ‘planetary’ motion to ensure that the attachments get in proper contact with all the ingredients. So basically a beater spins around while rotating around the bowl which ensures a better and more consistent mix.

It was designed for commercial bakers

You might have never thought about this but there is a reason why KitchenAid stand mixers are excellent in making bakery items on a large scale. This is because these stand mixers were built for commercial bakers which required large volume preparation and consistency.

There is a KitchenAid museum

One of the most interesting facts about KitchenAid stand mixers is that all the stand mixer models have been built in the same factory in Ohio.

As a result, this factory is considered a shrine by all stand mixer fans and one can visit the KitchenAid museum to see all the modern and vintage stand mixer models that were ever built.

It was initially used by Navy sailors

Earlier, the KitchenAid stand mixers were largely used by navy sailors to feed their large crew since it was easy and quick to mix using this stand mixer. As a result, KitchenAid stand mixers became a crucial part of the Navy ships’ kitchens.

The first stand mixer was huge

Another amazing fact about the KitchenAid stand mixers is that when they rolled out the first home model, it was really big which meant that there wasn’t large production of it and not many retail stores wanted to try this bulky equipment. KitchenAid home stand mixers got popular from 1927

The home KitchenAid mixers only became famous once their size was reduced and it became easier to carry it around. This happened in 1927 when KitchenAid released its new model H-5 which was a big space saver and money saver.

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5 Bakery Tools Your Kitchen Is Incomplete Without

Can’t decide what kind of mixing bowls, baking tins, and turntables to get? No problem, this guide is all the help you will ever need to kick-start your baking journey without spending lakhs on equipment immediately.

1. Mixing bowls

It is always handy to have an extra glass or plastic mixing bowl as it will help you prep multiple ingredients like your cream (with multiple colors), truffle, etc. at one go.

This glass bowl set by Signoraware includes 3 bowls of different sizes. These bowls can resist heat to up to 400-degrees Celsius and are BPA free which means it is 100% toxic free.

When not baking, the bowls can also be used to reheat food and put away into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

In case you prefer plastic bowls over glass bowls, this set of 4 bowls by All Time is just perfect for any kitchen.

2. Turntable Stand

If you are looking for a professional turntable stand for giving your cakes, pies, and muffins smooth and flawless icing, the Kurtzy icing table is hands down the best.

That is because it provides stability like none other thanks to its sturdy aluminum base, fiberglass top and anti-slip base at the bottom.

The rotation is very smooth and there is ample room to hold a cake of 3-4kgs without toppling over when spinning.

So do not hold yourself back. Let your creative juices flow and leave people gobsmacked with your finishing.

3. Pastry brushes

A pastry brush is more useful than you would think. Why?

Because it can be used for a number of things like glazing the puff pastries with egg wash, milk or even butter (so they come out golden brown) or simply to dust off any excess icing sugar on the muffins, doughnuts, etc.

The silicone brushes by Syga are FDA approved and thus 100% safe for use while baking and cooking even at a heat of about 480-degrees Celsius.

The silicone build means you can even dump them into the top drawer of your dishwasher for hassle-free washing.

The set includes two 8.1-inch long x 1.3-inch wide brushes so you can use one for baking and the other for basting fruits and veggies on the grill

4. Food colors

If you are using fondant it is almost impossible to have fondant of all colors but there is a simple solution to it, food colors.

Yup, just stock up on white fondant and use these 100% safe food colors to get the color of your choice.

The pack includes 20ml of Orange, Yellow, Keshar, Tomato Red, Raspberry Red, Blue, Green, Chocolate Brown, Kalakhatta & Pink (pretty much every color you will ever need).

The liquid colors mix up pretty well within seconds and do not impact taste either.

5. Sieve

Sifting icing sugar with flour or just flour are important steps in baking which you can only get right if you have a fine sieve.

Thankfully, that is precisely what you get with the Champak Stainless Steel Sieve. It comes with multiple sieves each finer than the other which also makes the sieve perfect for sifting atta, wheat, rice, etc.

5 Things To Keep in Mind While Making Cupcakes.

5 Things To Keep in Mind While Making Cupcakes.

Who does not feel tempted by cupcakes and their equally mouth-watering frosting? But it isn’t necessary to spend money on cupcakes every time you crave them. So the better alternative here is to bake them, and that way you can have them whenever you want and as many as you want.

As time-consuming as it seems, it is a very good idea. Nothing seems better than an eagerness to eat them once the aroma starts filling the kitchen and you see them rise from the oven window.

Oh, do you not feel your mouth watering, already?

Now, every recipe book tells you how to bake them, but not all tell you the things that you should avoid if you want to bake the yummiest cupcakes, ever.

Don’t use cold ingredients.

Avoid using cold ingredients, no matter how hard it gets. All your ingredients, eggs, butter, milk; everything should be at room temperature. This is because cold ingredients don’t mix well with dry ingredients. Thus, your ingredients should be at room temperature.

Don’t forget to preheat the oven.

Pre-heat the oven before you start baking. This is done so that when you put the cupcakes in the oven, it is already warm and does not have to pick up from a cold temperature to a higher one with cupcakes in it. Pre-heating the oven helps you bake fine cupcakes.

Don’t over mix the batter.

Mix the batter well enough to make sure there aren’t any lumps in it. But keep in mind that the speed at which you mix it should not be very fast so that your batter is not very thin. Over mixing the batter crushes the air bubbles in it that help the cupcakes rise.

Don’t overfill cupcake liners.

Avoid overfilling cupcakes liners at all times. When you put the cupcakes into the oven, they begin to rise. But if the liners are overfilled then the cupcakes will spill over in the oven. If there is space left in the liner after you have baked them you can fill it up with frosting.

Don’t frost too soon

Wait for the cupcakes to cool off before you begin with the frosting. If you start with the frosting on cupcakes that are still hot, the frosting will begin to melt. So it is best to let the cupcakes cool.

Baking cupcakes is not an easy task, but it isn’t difficult either. But making the perfect ones is a work of art, so keep in mind things that you should avoid just like you keep the recipe in mind.

A Must Read Guide About Stand Mixer Types

Choosing a stand mixer requires a lot of research and effort as there are so many things and factors to consider. You have to look at the size, budget, and style of your stand mixer.

Did you know that there are roughly 6 types of stand mixers available in the market? No? Well, don’t worry because this article will cover all the 6 types of Stand mixers that are available in the market and will help you in deciding which would be better suited for your purpose.

Types of Stand Mixer Available in the Market

Home Stand Mixer

The most basic type of stand mixer is the stand mixers which are efficient for making pies, cakes, cookies, etc. on a small scale. This type of stand mixer is smaller in size and power and can only perform tasks on small batches of ingredients.

These types of stand mixers are not good for heavyweight mixing and should be used carefully if one doesn’t want to break them down in one go.

Commercial Stand Mixer

This type of stand mixer is more suitable for commercial bakers who need to prepare large batches of mixes that are consistent and thoroughly mixed.

A professional-grade stand mixer tends to have higher power and is made of stainless steel to ensure a clean setup. They are usually heavy and can mix a great volume of ingredients at a time.

Rotating Beater Stand Mixer

This type of stand mixer ensures that your ingredients are thoroughly and consistently mixed with its planetary mixing action. Basically, in this type of stand mixer, your bowl remains stationary while the beater rotates around the bowl and touches several points to make sure that the mixture is thoroughly mixed.

Fixed Beater Stand Mixer

In this type of stand mixer, the beater remains stationary while the bowl does all the movement. This type of stand mixer is usually less expensive but requires you to keep an eye on the bowl and stop it the mixer from time to time to scrape off the mixture from the sides. It takes a long time to mix and it won’t give you a consistent mix as the rotating beater stand mixer.

Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

One of the most popular types of stand mixers which make it easier to add more ingredients without needing to stop the mixer again and again. In the tilt-head stand mixer, you can tilt the head of the mixer back when you need access to the mixture or you need to change the attachment.

This makes the whole process mess-free and quicker. It is easier to remove once the task is finished and you can remove the attachments without creating a mess.

Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer

In this type of stand mixer, the bowl is lifted from the base and kept in position with the help of mixer arms. This type of stand mixer is preferred by consumers as they just need to lower or lift the bowl when they need to add more ingredients or restart the mixing action. This type of stand mixer is sturdier and more likely to mix a large volume of ingredients with ease.